Thursday, April 13, 2017

What's down in the sewer?

All of Ireland is speculating about the image a camera captured while inspecting a sewer. Aren't we all a tad bit squeamish about what might be down there?

See it here:

Irish CCTV Inspection Captures Creepy Sewer Image

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

An experiment beyond the grave: looking for answers AND objects

A group of seven individuals, four women and three men, are embarking upon an experiment to come up with some answers and hopefully, receive not only information but also physical objects from beyond the grave. I have been invited as an observing reporter to write about the happenings as this group meets to communicate with spirits whom they believe will at the least tell interesting stories as well as hopefully, be engaged in apporting items from other dimensions.

A similar group conducted experiments for several years in Europe with curious results. A documentary was produced about it. That group experienced items such as flowers appearing. Photographs were obtained of faces not physically present within the group. Messages were channeled.

Who are these current participants? The names and location will not be revealed. Fictitious names will be used to differentiate each one because no one is seeking to make a name for themselves, only the information received is important to be revealed publicly.

In case you are new to the term "apport," it refers to the transference of an article from one place to another, or an appearance of an article from an unknown source. The definition from Merriam-Webster is, "motion or production of an object by a spiritualist medium without apparent physical agency; also: the object so produced." Objects have notoriously been produced by scammers and hoaxers in history as proof of their psychic abilities. Flowers, fruits and other small objects could be tucked away in clothing to be set out when the time was right as if coming from beyond.

What is different about this group is that they will not conduct the meetings as a series of seances where table tipping and other stereotypical "psychic" maneuvers are sought and expected. The group includes those proficient as empaths, clairaudients, dowsers, channelers and sensitives to the extent that sessions can be conducted much like dialogues among friends. Hearing is acute enough that spirits do not have to resort to psychic acrobatics.

I refer you to the article I wrote about the happenings on Mt. Nebo. The group is hoping for greater results with updated methods.

An article about the initial meeting will be published soon on my Haunted Places topic at Updates on the rest of the meetings will appear on this blog. Check back or subscribe to keep up with the reports.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Are Pterodactyls still in existence?

Paul Nation wants to answer that question. Since 1994, Paul has been intrigued by reports of an unusual flying creature that lives in remote jungles of Papua New Guinea. Four trips into the jungle finally led him to see and videotape the bioluminescence that is credited to these creatures. Now, he is mounting an expedition to go where he has never gone before and attempt to solve this mystery once and for all.

Papua New Guinea is the 2nd largest island on earth and has appropriately been called "The Lost World" where previously unknown species of birds and other animals are sometimes discovered. Monsterquest Season Three in June, 2009, featured this creature which is called "Ropen" by the local people. Paul prefers to call it the Indava Bird after the native word for light.

First documented reports of this creature came in 1875 when a Mr. Smithurst, who was the engineer of a steamer voyaging up the Baxter River in New Guinea, spoke about a bird of seemingly unknown origin. He claimed it could pick up a kangaroo or a large turtle and fly off. The noise of its flapping wings sounded to him like a steam engine slowly pulling a long train. Mr. Smithurst also said that the wing span was anywhere from 16-18 ft. It had a dark brown body, white breast, long neck and long, straight beak.

Recent testimony about this creature reveals that what is being seen now are 30 ft. wing spans. These bizarre creatures live in the mountains and come down at night to feed. They have sharp teeth, and their bioluminescent body is said to sometimes glow red and other times, white. In times past, the creature was said to rob graves and feast upon human flesh. Natives would run waving their hands and screaming in order to scare them away and prevent children from being attacked.

Paul has videotaped lights which he feels are the Indava Bird's biolumenescence. Scientific tests of this video ruled out vehicles and camp fires as the source.

Here is your chance to participate in this project with this modern-day Indiana Jones and be the armchair discoverer that you always wanted to be. Paul's Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign is in full swing to raise $12,000 for this expedition. Click the link, contribute, and send him packing later this year for parts unknown. He will really appreciate that.

Read about Paul's exploits at his blog. Follow him on Facebook here.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Souls of the Asylum is available for advanced ordering

My friends, Doug and Berta Lockhart, have completed a book entitled "Souls of the Asylum." This is a compilation of channeled stories received from patients buried in the cemeteries of the old Athens Lunatic Asylum in Athens, Ohio. I was honored to be asked to write the Foreword of this book.

Whatever you might think about channeling, these stories are compelling. What is amazing about the writings is that Doug normally does not write in cursive. Yet his handwriting would change styles as he wrote these messages from beyond the grave. One spirit even moved his hand in an elaborate signature which is shown in the book.

Some of the stories have been verified by information stored in the archives of the Alden Library of Ohio University. The archivist was stunned that anyone could have known this information without looking at the records.

The graves in the cemeteries of this institution are mostly marked with only numbered stones. I am a member of the Friends of Athens Asylum Cemeteries which is a group of private citizens who are installing proper memorial markers with the names, birth dates, and death dates engraved upon them. These cemeteries are some of the most forlorn, loneliest burial grounds that you might encounter. No wonder those buried there seek to have their identities restored through the relating of their personal stories.

You can learn of the history of this institution and how you might help us identify the graves at this website.

Advance ordering of the book may be found here. Amazon and other websites will soon follow to sell the book.

Monday, May 27, 2013

My article in Un-X News Magazine

A blog post that I originally posted for this blog has been modified into an article and published in the Un-X News Magazine. Margie Kay is the editor of this magazine and you can view her website at this link. The spring issue's theme is fairies and elemental spirits. My article is entitled "Grottoes, Fairies and Roses. You can get a copy of the magazine here.

Friday, March 1, 2013

You've never heard of Mt. Nebo but it really is bizarre and mysterious

My latest article at the Haunted Places topic on is entitled "Spirits spoke on Mt. Nebo in 1853." Mt. Nebo has traditionally been known as the highest hill in elevation in Athens County, Ohio; however, geologists now know it is a few feet shorter than another hill in the county. But who quibbles about that? Mt. Nebo stands head and shoulders above a lot of high places in a paranormal reputation that you probably have never heard of. I certainly had not, but from the moment I did, I was intrigued. I just had to look into it and write an article.

I visited Ohio University's Robert E. and Jean R. Mahn Center for Archives and Special Collections in Athens and perused their "spook file" which contains archived articles, etc., of the paranormal in Athens County. Their copy of Dr. J. Everett's 1853 book on this subject was a copy which was very hard to read. A search of the Internet turned up a readable copy in the online archives of the State Library of Ohio Rare Books.

I found it quite curious that in Everett's book, spirits are attributed with talking about electromagnetic energy as their means of manifesting as well as pulling matter together to materialize. I wonder if people in 1853 would have known about or even thought about such concepts in order to give credence in possibly defrauding the public in these events. Personally, I think something really bizarre did happen there. Dr. Everett put his reputation on the line in publishing his book. I always add the risk factor in on deciding whether someone is telling the truth or not. Skeptics risk nothing in merely saying something isn't so, but a person with a report is risking everything.

If you are not as intrigued now as I am, you really should be. You'll find my article here.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Imagine there's no hoaxers, it's easy if you try

What would the world be like if there were no hoaxers manufacturing their misrepresentations, deceptions and falsifications? Well, you may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

With that in mind, take a tour of the Museum of Hoaxes and get the lowdown on a whole lot of hoaxing going on through history. And hoaxing is still rampant. Recently, "alien" pictures came into my possession with the claim that they were taken sometime in August "on the Florida panhandle just above Eglin Air Force Base." I went into "seeking" mode to get at the truth. Take a look at these:

A savvy bunch of friends recognized these immediately as being the alien dummy used in an episode of the television program, Fact or Faked. So if you see these going around on the Internet, you'll know someone extracted still photos from the video.

I make NO accusation that any persons in this video had something to do with these photographs! I'm betting somebody just thought it would be great to see if they could fool someone into publishing these as real, and then they would come out revealing the source to discredit whatever publication the pictures were included in.

Nice try, hoaxers.

If people would put as much effort into finding the truth as they put into making up a hoax, we would have an easier time of investigating the mysteries of this world. There really are enough real mysteries to keep us occupied.

Sing it, John! Imagine there's no hoaxers . . .

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The strange case of Dr. David Lewis Anderson

Roughly during 2009-2010, a man by the name of Dr. David Lewis Anderson stepped forward into the public arena with compelling dialogue about time travel. Armed with a state-of-the-art website and a gift of soft-spoken, articulate communication which left his audiences spellbound, Dr. Anderson made the rounds of various radio shows. He also had a Facebook page.

Where is Dr. David Lewis Anderson today?

Nobody knows.

In fact, a search for his website at comes up empty. The site is not even available on internet archive sites that I could find. His Facebook page is down. What is worse is that internet chitchat is saying Dr. Anderson MAY even be a fraud, a hoaxer, or a scammer.

I used to schedule radio shows during this time period, and I did schedule him to appear on our show. The interview turned out to be one of the best that we had done. We were flabbergasted at Dr. Anderson's report of research that he and his colleagues at the Anderson Institute were conducting. We hung on his every word. He also spoke of how time travel is being researched in many countries and making great gains. Since then, Dr. Anderson has been on such prestigious radio shows as Coast to Coast AM.

I attempted to reach Dr. Anderson after that interview to schedule another one for whenever his new CD was to come out, but communication broke down. He neither answered regarding the interview nor responded to a question I asked about time travel in another email. I also tried to reach him via Facebook. As time went on, Dr. Anderson completely disappeared from public view.

We are now left with the question, who is Dr. Anderson?

I found a copy of his bio that was taken from a page on the Anderson Institute’s website:

David Lewis Anderson, born in Weirton, West Virginia, is a physicist whose interests are in space time physics, special relativity and global community service. Anderson received degrees in engineering, physics and philosophy as a student graduating with honors from West Virginia University, California State University, the Joint-Services Military College and the University of Minnesota.He was employed at a young age by the United States Air Force conducting advanced research and development at the prestigious Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert. He later founded an organization call the TTRC, an advanced time-technology research laboratory located on Long Island, New York in the United States of America. During that time he proposed several new detail on theories for reversing time at sub-light speeds and laid the foundations for what would later become known as time-warped field theory, an approach that modeled and described how to use the natural forces of inertial frame dragging for power generation and to create contained and controllable fields of closed time-like curves.Anderson provided one of the first comprehensive overviews of the historical views of time, time control and time travel in the documentary "Time Travel - Journeys into Time" His ideas were later applied for the development of high performance time reactor] systems for energy production and time technology research at what is known today as the Anderson Institute.Anderson is the President and CEO of Anderson Multinational LLC, the parent corporation of the Anderson Institute and several other companies, headquartered in Rochester, New York. He holds multiple patents relating to time technology and also for time reactor designs. His published works include more than thirty articles and video lectures on space time physics, time control technologies and methods and the philosophy of time. He has appeared on numerous radio and television shows worldwide including Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell in the USA.Anderson is also President and CEO of the World Genesis Foundation whose mission is to “leave no child without hope for the future” and is active as a speaker and Ambassador for Youth for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
World Genesis Foundation does exist, but I found no reference to Dr. David Lewis Anderson as President or CEO on their website. Dr. Anderson is not on the list of UNESCO Goodwill Ambassadors either. His audio CD is still being sold on Amazon. I have never listened to it; however, the one review on Amazon gives the CD a very low score. Several internet forums talk about Dr. Anderson, an example of which is here.

The Peswiki
site documents Dr. Anderson’s harshest criticism. Yet on this page, two people maintain that they know him and he is an honorable man. Has Dr. Anderson been a victim of the usual disinformation agents?

One thing that stands out in my mind about what Dr. Anderson was promoting was ethical utilization of time travel technology. He spoke about the possibility of time wars where the threat of going back in time and changing something vital in an enemy country's history could cripple it in the future. If anything comes out of Dr. Anderson's assertions, I believe we should focus on the ethics of time manipulation. We know, however, that whenever humanity can do something, somebody, somewhere, WILL do it. Once the pandora's box of time travel is opened, in the wrong hands, we might wish it never had been.

One curious bit of information speculates that Dr. Anderson was the fulfillment of a prediction the Grand Delusion website reports as a "planetary whistleblower" who would emerge from the current period of U.S. financial collapse. Did someone bump off another whistleblower? Or is he in hiding? But if fraud, hoax, and scam accusations are correct, perhaps like a proverbial “pirate,” he may have gone under the radar and retired to someplace like a cattle ranch in Patagonia.

On a different, albeit creative note (laced with artistic license), story line possibilities for a science fiction novel come to mind. Could Dr. Anderson have time traveled out of here and now resides in another reality? Did an experiment go wrong (or right, depending upon what was intended) and the entire Anderson Institute with Dr. Anderson in tow fly off into the wild blue yonder or back into the nasty gray past? Worse yet, could Dr. Anderson have fallen into an alternate dimension much like the little girl who fell through the wall of her bedroom in one episode of The Twilight Zone?

Oh, and may I really stir the stew pot and ask: could Dr. David Lewis Anderson be a time traveller himself sent into our time to warn us of the dangers of time travel and having returned to his own time is nowhere now to be found? Incidentally, why do all of his videos look as if he were videotaped through gauze? Surely, that could be to hide a bio-clone’s imperfections.

And of course, I jest in my speculations.  

Hello . . . hello? Is anyone actually out looking for Dr. David Lewis Anderson? Where is a good conspiracy-theorist/investigative reporter when you need one? Dr. Anderson, if you are reading this, please come out, come out, wherever you are. We really do hope for the best.

Have you seen this man?

Anderson Institute

UPDATE: Be sure and read the comments below. Dr. Anderson is alive and well!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Where have I been all this time?

Thanks to all who have been visiting my blog! I've not posted in a long while as you can see, but lots of things have taken up my time with some recent surgery added into the mix.

I have now migrated away from paranormal investigation as most "investigations" are not investigations at all, only thrill seeking and wanting to be entertained. Sadly, some property owners only want proof so they can advertise their places as "haunted" and bring people in based upon that. They have no interest in a spirit being helped, and that is just not the way I am. I've experienced too much to even consider that there is no such thing as the spirit world and have no need to go looking for more proof. I know a whole other dimension and even numerous dimensions exist, and my goal will always be to help resolve a spirit's unfinished business so they can move on to where they need to be. To me, not to help a spirit so he or she can be kept where they are so as to "study" or profit off of them is a continuance of a tragedy, cruel, and well, just not right.

I've recently had several spirits from a prior investigation come looking for me as well as one spirit I'd never encountered before. I had been watching the Harry Potter movie which had the hippogriff named Buckbeak in it. I was particularly interested in this creature and made a mental note to see if a hippogriff was a legendary creature or something that J. K. Rowling had invented. Nobody was in the house but me. I noticed when the hippogriff portion of the movie was over that the figure (below) appeared in the dust on my television screen. It looks like something a child would draw of Buckbeak. I then thought if there were a child spirit present, perhaps he or she wanted to see more of the movies, so I left the Harry Potter marathon on all afternoon for them. Nothing else happened nor did I get any more hints that someone was present.

All I can say is that I never cease to be amazed! I do have my home protected from malevolent spirit visitation, and perhaps I will write later about how to do that. But benevolent spirits are welcome to approach me. I love them and will do all I can for them. I think they do know that.

In other news, I am also now working with someone in the UFO community to write a series of books. I can only say that I am blessed to receive such wonderful opportunities to know more about the mysteries and perhaps dig a little deeper to get at truth. My only regret is the lack of time and energy on my part to write about everything that comes my way on all these subjects.

Stay curious, my friends!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Grottoes, healing spirits, and roses

Last year, I had one of the most profound experiences of my life during a paranormal investigation. I debated whether to share this experience with the public because for one thing, I hesitate to "cast my pearls before swine lest they turn and rend me," so to speak, and for another thing, I would not want to offend anyone for any reason whatsoever. However, I know that I search for things like this on the internet which I greatly enjoy, and while others are taking the risk of sharing their treasures to provide me with information, how can I then refuse to do the same for them?

Having said that, here is what happened to me in a place that shall remain anonymous at this time, for the location still requires more historical reconciliation and preparation for accessibility before anyone attempts to visit it. My only request is that you be respectful and kind in any comments that you make.

My friends and I were conducting a paranormal investigation that included some acreage around a house in a rural area. We walked to an place where there was a rock facade that covered the base of a hill. At that point, we were standing there talking about unrelated things until suddenly I became aware that my friend's coat was green. It began to dawn on me that he had had on a gray coat before and now it was brilliant emerald green. How did that happen? He had not changed coats.

Why my thoughts did not engage upon this discrepancy in full realization at that initial time, I do not know. But the awareness crept upon me slowly. I looked at the rock face of the hill, and an emerald green shape moved in an elongated manner along the ground to the rocks and back to us again, almost as if it were pointing or trying to lead to that area. Then this shape moved around on the ground. This is when I began to fully take notice of what was going on. I rubbed my eyes and began to make comparisons of where this green shape was showing up and where not. Was I having a stroke, I thought? But I discovered I was seeing this emerald green shape with my naked eyes. Then the shape rose up again between my friend and me, and as I looked at him, his clothing from the neck down became emerald green! I said then that I believed I was seeing a spirit manifesting, and he confirmed that he had been feeling a presence as well.

I knew that if this spirit was showing itself in such a graphic way to me that it surely wanted to tell me something. I then began to converse with it and got some interesting information. It was feminine in character but not in gender, and the impression I got was that it was part of creation, not something that even thought about being worshiped as some might do, but an entity that had a function. She was a healing spirit, an elemental. The flitting movement that she was doing around the ground reminded me of something like a fairy, but way larger than Tinkerbell! It covered the grass at times in that general area and could move fast, changing shape but never taking on humanoid form.

Some of the things I asked were why the green color? She responded that this was the color of life. Was she satisfied with the way the owners of the property were caring for it? Yes, she was. She was also giving me impressions about her character and nature of being.

I then asked if there was anything I could do for her. She said she wanted the spring that was located where the rocks were to be opened for healing again and the area to be considered sacred as it once was. Native Americans had revered this place as sacred for healing hundreds of years ago, and in fact, some of their spirits were still there guarding the spot. I knew I was to follow her to the rocks, so I left my friends and followed. It was at the rock face that I declared the spring to be opened, and I picked up a stone from the ground and struck the rock to open it (which before we left, began to drip substantially more than before). Immediately after I did that, I got an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) on the recorder I was carrying. If you are not familiar with EVPs, you don't hear this with your ears. Spirits are able to imprint sounds onto the recording device by means of something that we don't yet understand. But here was a male spirit saying something, part of which was very distinct. You can hear him say "strong heart." Listen to what transpired in this sound file. You'll hear me declaring the spring to be opened, then a slight gap of silence before the male voice.

Now, the significance of this is quite mind-blowing. I have participated in Native American sweat lodge ceremonies, and I was given the name, "Woman with a Strong Heart," that I go by in the sweat lodge. They sometimes call me, "Strong Heart," for short. That male spirit at the rocks on the EVP actually used my sweat lodge name. This place has many spirits of Native Americans around it, but how one of them knew to address me by that name is quite a mystery. Only a handful of people have ever known me by that name, and I was alone at the rocks.

There are other words being said on the EVP recording in the gap between my voice and the male voice, but they are not discernible. One of the researchers thinks these other words that the spirit might be saying is, "Drink the holy water, Strong Heart." The rhythm matches those words, but they are so faint that when the recording is made louder mechanically, it gets distorted.

On another trip to this location, the distinct smell of roses wafted through the air near the rock face. This was in the winter time and no flowers were blooming anywhere.

What are we to deduce from these experiences?

In various locations of the world, grottoes, healing spirits, and visions or an odor of roses are historically linked together and associated with healings. Why that combination, I do not know, but for the most part, the feminine healing spirit attached to those locations are declared to be that of Mary, the mother of Jesus. However, my encounter was not with Mary but with an elemental spirit whose function was healing. Could it be that if we knew how to interact with such as these that we would find numerous spirits in God’s creation that are placed here specifically to help mankind? I believe that the way people have incorporated these invisible, unknown entities into their lives all through history (and today) was to worship them. But I can tell you that worship was a foreign idea to the spirit I encountered, and she would neither understand nor be able to accept it.

Again, I mean no disrespect for those who believe differently than me.

I asked the spirit, "Who would be welcome to partake of the healing waters in this place?" She answered, "Whoever would come in respect and thanksgiving." My hope is that we will learn to worship the One who is worthy of worship and to respect his invisible creation in all of its varied facets and mysterious ways. We just don’t know everything there is to know.