Tuesday, July 22, 2014

An experiment beyond the grave: looking for answers AND objects

A group of seven individuals, four women and three men, are embarking upon an experiment to come up with some answers and hopefully, receive not only information but also physical objects from beyond the grave. I have been invited as an observing reporter to write about the happenings as this group meets to communicate with spirits whom they believe will at the least tell interesting stories as well as hopefully, be engaged in apporting items from other dimensions.

A similar group conducted experiments for several years in Europe with curious results. A documentary was produced about it. That group experienced items such as flowers appearing. Photographs were obtained of faces not physically present within the group. Messages were channeled.

Who are these current participants? The names and location will not be revealed. Fictitious names will be used to differentiate each one because no one is seeking to make a name for themselves, only the information received is important to be revealed publicly.

In case you are new to the term "apport," it refers to the transference of an article from one place to another, or an appearance of an article from an unknown source. The definition from Merriam-Webster is, "motion or production of an object by a spiritualist medium without apparent physical agency; also: the object so produced." Objects have notoriously been produced by scammers and hoaxers in history as proof of their psychic abilities. Flowers, fruits and other small objects could be tucked away in clothing to be set out when the time was right as if coming from beyond.

What is different about this group is that they will not conduct the meetings as a series of seances where table tipping and other stereotypical "psychic" maneuvers are sought and expected. The group includes those proficient as empaths, clairaudients, dowsers, channelers and sensitives to the extent that sessions can be conducted much like dialogues among friends. Hearing is acute enough that spirits do not have to resort to psychic acrobatics.

I refer you to the article I wrote about the happenings on Mt. Nebo. The group is hoping for greater results with updated methods.

An article about the initial meeting will be published soon on my Haunted Places topic at examiner.com. Updates on the rest of the meetings will appear on this blog. Check back or subscribe to keep up with the reports.

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