Saturday, February 12, 2011

Grottoes, healing spirits, and roses

Last year, I had one of the most profound experiences of my life during a paranormal investigation. I debated whether to share this experience with the public because for one thing, I hesitate to "cast my pearls before swine lest they turn and rend me," so to speak, and for another thing, I would not want to offend anyone for any reason whatsoever. However, I know that I search for things like this on the internet which I greatly enjoy, and while others are taking the risk of sharing their treasures to provide me with information, how can I then refuse to do the same for them?

Having said that, here is what happened to me in a place that shall remain anonymous at this time, for the location still requires more historical reconciliation and preparation for accessibility before anyone attempts to visit it. My only request is that you be respectful and kind in any comments that you make.

My friends and I were conducting a paranormal investigation that included some acreage around a house in a rural area. We walked to an place where there was a rock facade that covered the base of a hill. At that point, we were standing there talking about unrelated things until suddenly I became aware that my friend's coat was green. It began to dawn on me that he had had on a gray coat before and now it was brilliant emerald green. How did that happen? He had not changed coats.

Why my thoughts did not engage upon this discrepancy in full realization at that initial time, I do not know. But the awareness crept upon me slowly. I looked at the rock face of the hill, and an emerald green shape moved in an elongated manner along the ground to the rocks and back to us again, almost as if it were pointing or trying to lead to that area. Then this shape moved around on the ground. This is when I began to fully take notice of what was going on. I rubbed my eyes and began to make comparisons of where this green shape was showing up and where not. Was I having a stroke, I thought? But I discovered I was seeing this emerald green shape with my naked eyes. Then the shape rose up again between my friend and me, and as I looked at him, his clothing from the neck down became emerald green! I said then that I believed I was seeing a spirit manifesting, and he confirmed that he had been feeling a presence as well.

I knew that if this spirit was showing itself in such a graphic way to me that it surely wanted to tell me something. I then began to converse with it and got some interesting information. It was feminine in character but not in gender, and the impression I got was that it was part of creation, not something that even thought about being worshiped as some might do, but an entity that had a function. She was a healing spirit, an elemental. The flitting movement that she was doing around the ground reminded me of something like a fairy, but way larger than Tinkerbell! It covered the grass at times in that general area and could move fast, changing shape but never taking on humanoid form.

Some of the things I asked were why the green color? She responded that this was the color of life. Was she satisfied with the way the owners of the property were caring for it? Yes, she was. She was also giving me impressions about her character and nature of being.

I then asked if there was anything I could do for her. She said she wanted the spring that was located where the rocks were to be opened for healing again and the area to be considered sacred as it once was. Native Americans had revered this place as sacred for healing hundreds of years ago, and in fact, some of their spirits were still there guarding the spot. I knew I was to follow her to the rocks, so I left my friends and followed. It was at the rock face that I declared the spring to be opened, and I picked up a stone from the ground and struck the rock to open it (which before we left, began to drip substantially more than before). Immediately after I did that, I got an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) on the recorder I was carrying. If you are not familiar with EVPs, you don't hear this with your ears. Spirits are able to imprint sounds onto the recording device by means of something that we don't yet understand. But here was a male spirit saying something, part of which was very distinct. You can hear him say "strong heart." Listen to what transpired in this sound file. You'll hear me declaring the spring to be opened, then a slight gap of silence before the male voice.

Now, the significance of this is quite mind-blowing. I have participated in Native American sweat lodge ceremonies, and I was given the name, "Woman with a Strong Heart," that I go by in the sweat lodge. They sometimes call me, "Strong Heart," for short. That male spirit at the rocks on the EVP actually used my sweat lodge name. This place has many spirits of Native Americans around it, but how one of them knew to address me by that name is quite a mystery. Only a handful of people have ever known me by that name, and I was alone at the rocks.

There are other words being said on the EVP recording in the gap between my voice and the male voice, but they are not discernible. One of the researchers thinks these other words that the spirit might be saying is, "Drink the holy water, Strong Heart." The rhythm matches those words, but they are so faint that when the recording is made louder mechanically, it gets distorted.

On another trip to this location, the distinct smell of roses wafted through the air near the rock face. This was in the winter time and no flowers were blooming anywhere.

What are we to deduce from these experiences?

In various locations of the world, grottoes, healing spirits, and visions or an odor of roses are historically linked together and associated with healings. Why that combination, I do not know, but for the most part, the feminine healing spirit attached to those locations are declared to be that of Mary, the mother of Jesus. However, my encounter was not with Mary but with an elemental spirit whose function was healing. Could it be that if we knew how to interact with such as these that we would find numerous spirits in God’s creation that are placed here specifically to help mankind? I believe that the way people have incorporated these invisible, unknown entities into their lives all through history (and today) was to worship them. But I can tell you that worship was a foreign idea to the spirit I encountered, and she would neither understand nor be able to accept it.

Again, I mean no disrespect for those who believe differently than me.

I asked the spirit, "Who would be welcome to partake of the healing waters in this place?" She answered, "Whoever would come in respect and thanksgiving." My hope is that we will learn to worship the One who is worthy of worship and to respect his invisible creation in all of its varied facets and mysterious ways. We just don’t know everything there is to know.

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