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The strange case of Dr. David Lewis Anderson

Roughly during 2009-2010, a man by the name of Dr. David Lewis Anderson stepped forward into the public arena with compelling dialogue about time travel. Armed with a state-of-the-art website and a gift of soft-spoken, articulate communication which left his audiences spellbound, Dr. Anderson made the rounds of various radio shows. He also had a Facebook page.

Where is Dr. David Lewis Anderson today?

Nobody knows.

In fact, a search for his website at comes up empty. The site is not even available on internet archive sites that I could find. His Facebook page is down. What is worse is that internet chitchat is saying Dr. Anderson MAY even be a fraud, a hoaxer, or a scammer.

I used to schedule radio shows during this time period, and I did schedule him to appear on our show. The interview turned out to be one of the best that we had done. We were flabbergasted at Dr. Anderson's report of research that he and his colleagues at the Anderson Institute were conducting. We hung on his every word. He also spoke of how time travel is being researched in many countries and making great gains. Since then, Dr. Anderson has been on such prestigious radio shows as Coast to Coast AM.

I attempted to reach Dr. Anderson after that interview to schedule another one for whenever his new CD was to come out, but communication broke down. He neither answered regarding the interview nor responded to a question I asked about time travel in another email. I also tried to reach him via Facebook. As time went on, Dr. Anderson completely disappeared from public view.

We are now left with the question, who is Dr. Anderson?

I found a copy of his bio that was taken from a page on the Anderson Institute’s website:

David Lewis Anderson, born in Weirton, West Virginia, is a physicist whose interests are in space time physics, special relativity and global community service. Anderson received degrees in engineering, physics and philosophy as a student graduating with honors from West Virginia University, California State University, the Joint-Services Military College and the University of Minnesota.He was employed at a young age by the United States Air Force conducting advanced research and development at the prestigious Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert. He later founded an organization call the TTRC, an advanced time-technology research laboratory located on Long Island, New York in the United States of America. During that time he proposed several new detail on theories for reversing time at sub-light speeds and laid the foundations for what would later become known as time-warped field theory, an approach that modeled and described how to use the natural forces of inertial frame dragging for power generation and to create contained and controllable fields of closed time-like curves.Anderson provided one of the first comprehensive overviews of the historical views of time, time control and time travel in the documentary "Time Travel - Journeys into Time" His ideas were later applied for the development of high performance time reactor] systems for energy production and time technology research at what is known today as the Anderson Institute.Anderson is the President and CEO of Anderson Multinational LLC, the parent corporation of the Anderson Institute and several other companies, headquartered in Rochester, New York. He holds multiple patents relating to time technology and also for time reactor designs. His published works include more than thirty articles and video lectures on space time physics, time control technologies and methods and the philosophy of time. He has appeared on numerous radio and television shows worldwide including Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell in the USA.Anderson is also President and CEO of the World Genesis Foundation whose mission is to “leave no child without hope for the future” and is active as a speaker and Ambassador for Youth for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
World Genesis Foundation does exist, but I found no reference to Dr. David Lewis Anderson as President or CEO on their website. Dr. Anderson is not on the list of UNESCO Goodwill Ambassadors either. His audio CD is still being sold on Amazon. I have never listened to it; however, the one review on Amazon gives the CD a very low score. Several internet forums talk about Dr. Anderson, an example of which is here.

The Peswiki
site documents Dr. Anderson’s harshest criticism. Yet on this page, two people maintain that they know him and he is an honorable man. Has Dr. Anderson been a victim of the usual disinformation agents?

One thing that stands out in my mind about what Dr. Anderson was promoting was ethical utilization of time travel technology. He spoke about the possibility of time wars where the threat of going back in time and changing something vital in an enemy country's history could cripple it in the future. If anything comes out of Dr. Anderson's assertions, I believe we should focus on the ethics of time manipulation. We know, however, that whenever humanity can do something, somebody, somewhere, WILL do it. Once the pandora's box of time travel is opened, in the wrong hands, we might wish it never had been.

One curious bit of information speculates that Dr. Anderson was the fulfillment of a prediction the Grand Delusion website reports as a "planetary whistleblower" who would emerge from the current period of U.S. financial collapse. Did someone bump off another whistleblower? Or is he in hiding? But if fraud, hoax, and scam accusations are correct, perhaps like a proverbial “pirate,” he may have gone under the radar and retired to someplace like a cattle ranch in Patagonia.

On a different, albeit creative note (laced with artistic license), story line possibilities for a science fiction novel come to mind. Could Dr. Anderson have time traveled out of here and now resides in another reality? Did an experiment go wrong (or right, depending upon what was intended) and the entire Anderson Institute with Dr. Anderson in tow fly off into the wild blue yonder or back into the nasty gray past? Worse yet, could Dr. Anderson have fallen into an alternate dimension much like the little girl who fell through the wall of her bedroom in one episode of The Twilight Zone?

Oh, and may I really stir the stew pot and ask: could Dr. David Lewis Anderson be a time traveller himself sent into our time to warn us of the dangers of time travel and having returned to his own time is nowhere now to be found? Incidentally, why do all of his videos look as if he were videotaped through gauze? Surely, that could be to hide a bio-clone’s imperfections.

And of course, I jest in my speculations.  

Hello . . . hello? Is anyone actually out looking for Dr. David Lewis Anderson? Where is a good conspiracy-theorist/investigative reporter when you need one? Dr. Anderson, if you are reading this, please come out, come out, wherever you are. We really do hope for the best.

Have you seen this man?

Anderson Institute

UPDATE: Be sure and read the comments below. Dr. Anderson is alive and well!


Peter Moon said...

Dr. David Anderson is alive and well. My latest communication from him was from the country of India where the largest time control facilities in the world are housed. They are near the Digi Hills which is only an hour or two from Mumbai. David has gone off the radar for a few reasons. First and foremost, incredible breakthroughs in research has commanded his primary attention. It is also true that his partners (two in particular) were not in favor of him releasing the video demonstration of his time control chamber. There were about twenty of us who saw an early version of it on video tape on April 10, 2010. I video'd much of the presentation but was not allowed to video the time chamber that was being shown on video. The human reaction to his knowledge is also another reason why humanity has not been given further clues. There is a mad dog reaction that was also suffered by Joe Matheny when he talked about his Metamachine, a synchronicity generator based upon artificial intelligence programming, which precipitated strange and intense coincidences in the physical. That is now patented too. universe, but he had to put up with a lot of bullshit from people's lack of intelligence and development. I keep a blog ( and there is some data on Dr. David Anderson that you might find of interest. I will keep updates on him on that blog. I have more to add to it but have not had the time to put everything up. None of that, however, is real recent (in the last two months or so). I make an annual trip to Romania where I sometimes see him. I am also hoping to make a trip to India in the next couple of years or so. He is no longer president of the WGF because of his workload. He is still involved, however, in the background as he is a major funding source for WGF.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Dr. David Anderson-
I direct you to the trail of remarks and these websites:

Also: New Realities with Alan Steinfeld:

As well as:

Dr. David Anderson's patent for his Time Reactor has just been posted on the Montauk Blog at You can download it in PDF format.

I think you will find that the derision that has been fostered onto Dr. Anderson is not well-founded. The truth is indisputable regarding his credibility. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Two comments from a colleague of Dr. Anderson's who works with him at DARPA. Pls see below. From Alan Steinfeld's website "New Realities"

From Alan: Just got this as a comment on my article:

Hello New Realities and thank you for the wonderful article. I actually met Dr. Anderson in London several years ago and work with one of his teams today. Conceptually, these ideas are not so complicated, just different as you say. People have been capturing energy from curved spacetime (gravity) for centuries. All Dr. Anderson presents is capturing energy from curved spacetime (the frame-dragging component). It seems people ignore this component because it is small within our perception. But mathematically it is so simple to show that the potential energy stored in this frame-dragging is so many orders of magnitude larger than the potential energy held within gravity. In a time when it is greatly needed, I hope more people will look towards this new potential source of new energy and its many applications. Eventually we will, but the sooner the better. Devika Shah

From: DARPA India []
Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2012 8:02 PM
To: 'Alan Steinfeld'
Subject: Dr. Anderson - Time Reactor Patents

Mr. Steinfeld

Dr. Anderson suggested that I forward the attached document for your use and distribution as you wish without any restriction to verify the legitimacy of his activities with the USPTO.

This is one of 34 patents filed with the USPTO over the last two decades regarding his time control research. This document shows the EFS-ID and Application Number of the latest Time Reactor patent, submitted in 2009.

After the DOD sequesters a selected patent submission, then varying levels of clearances may be required to gain further information. However, the entry of this (with the provided reference numbers) and other patents into the USPTO should be easily confirmed by your people in the event they don’t have the necessary security clearance to view additional detail levels.

I hope this information is helpful. Sincerely,

Devika Shah
D.A.R.P.A. India

Sharon K. Grossman said...

Gentlemen, I appreciate your comments so much. The accusations I found were very hard to believe. Just listening to Dr. Anderson speak, the mere thought that he had some subversive motive in what he was doing didn't match up. I was shocked at it all. The disappearance was disturbing, and I wanted to bring this out so whoever might read my blog would be aware in case he were in trouble. So often those disinformation agents cast shadows on people's character and reputation just because they can and that's what they do in life. They don't have anything construction to bring out themselves, so they target others to bring them down to their level. It is the same for anyone who steps out of the box. I wish Dr. Anderson all the best, and we await the time when he lets us know what he has done. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Greetings and thank you for your kind (and very astute) comments. Yes, you are absolutely correct in your assessments.

The best we can all do is actually support his global philanthropic outreach in WORLD GENESIS FOUNDATION which is truly helping youth who have no hope or help. I, for one, want future generations to know of these amazing discoveries of science - not to be forbidden or prohibited by (alas) sadly ego-bound scientists or agents who will not allow this information to come forward. WORLD GENESIS FOUNDATION is a TOTALLY bonafide foundation operating under the auspices of UNESCO. Some of the confusion may have arisen that the charters were filed originally in Romania and then expanded Stateside. As with Dr. Anderson's patents, one just needs to know where to look for the data. With great gratitude to you, Ms. Grossman, for posting the truth about Dr. Anderson's efforts and integrity. I will try to post more information as it comes forth.

Danae said...


TantraBensko said...

I've gotten to know Dr. Anderson through communications and in person, and though he's been involved in DAARPA etc, which means there could be aspects of him that I would question, I feel he is at heart honest and sincere about his work. I got a chance, with Peter Moon, to participate in Atlantykron in Romania, which David sent us to, and I led Lucidplay in various forms there in the beautiful pristine island in the Danube. That style of non-formal education I encountered, while being more tied to nuclear energy and globalisization than I felt fully comfortable with, was beautiful. The event was joyful and Dr. Anderson is a kind, genuine, brilliant man with great humbleness and groundedness. He cares about other people, and I feel that as much as he can under the circumstances, acts authentically.

I wrote a novel that includes him and his Time Reactor in it. It's literary fiction, purely imaginary, but I hope to bring more discussion to his work and the moral issues connected with it, while remaining entertaining in my book.

He'll be speaking live in a video presentation at the Pythagoras Conference in Indiana in October.

Anonymous said...

Truly, truly fascinating beyond words. I'm listening to the Jan. Coast to Coast AM interview of the good doctor by Art Bell. I sincerely hope, for the sake of his personal work, that Dr. Anderson is alive, well, and still making rapid advancements in the field of temporal control/time travel. His work and papers are quite astounding... Mind blowing, even. Good luck to the doctor, wherever/whenever he may be.

Kirk shelton said...

When can we buy time machines at best buy? Is this kind of science even possible and why hasn't this guy received a Nobel prize? Time travel? I don't believe it.

Anonymous said...

David Anderson is an actor created for an elaborate ARG (Alternate Reality Game) brought to you from the twisted mind of Joseph Metheny. It's a continuation of an ARG known as "Ong's Hat". I find the spillover of ARG's into the open public to be one of the most disturbing trends in the 21st century... God help us all!!!

Anonymous said...

How do I get a copy of your book? Dr. David Lewis Anderson is my hero!

Anonymous said...

I love listening to Dr Anderson. I have listened to everything I can find with him speaking.

I have always thought time travel was possible Dr. Anderson is good at putting into words what I have always thought about time.

I think he is very real.

EasySecured said...

There is no such thing as Digi Hill near Mumbai in India as I have lived in Mumbai all my life and still do. But this time travel thing is getting crazy.

One of my friend who is a CEO of a software firm in January 2013 talked to me about Bobby Theodore who wanted him to create a website called and has vanished since December 2010.

He tried to locate him but even the place he claimed to be living in Mumbai turned out no one by that name lived there.

BTW this friend of mine discussed about Bobby to me as I was about to restart my own research into what I call as Gravitational Electrical Effects (GEE) something I had started in 1989 and then abandoned as it was not taken seriously by anyone.

I had formulated an equation back then on how to convert matter to neutrinos.

And also conducted an experiment at home. I was 20 years old then. I successfully simulated the second experiment in New Delhi in January 2013.

Now until now I had heard about Titor the time traveler but not David Anderson. Yesterday I heard Art Bell archive show with Mr Anderson and landed on this page through Google search. Looking for a background on Mr Anderson.

Whew. This means one thing for sure. There is something fishy going on.

There is no Digi Hills near Mumbai or even anywhere else in India. There are lot of hills in and around Mumbai. One that is 2 hours away is called Matheran.

Also I have never heard about Time Travel research in India in the local newspapers.


Timeswimmer said...

11-4-2013 10:30 PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time. Dr. David Anderson's website is back!

Anonymous said...

What started as a legitimate search for scientifically sound work on next generation technologies (there was a Star Trek marathon on SyFy...), I found myself on pages of andersoninstitute com. The problem is that no data is presented, so I'm thinking this is a hoax.

If you do a whois search on that domain the contact number is the same one as used for 3 fraudulent electronics sites (as discussed here: Sooo... this is all bogus.

Others have looked into it here:

Now if only I could get my wasted time back somehow... :)

Anonymous said...

David Anderson is beyond legitimate. I followed his work for years.

What people don't understand is several people have built time chambers. David has built a mode locked laser array plasma wakefield accelerator longitudinal wave interferometer to compress or decompress the aether.

This affects the standing flux which we see as spacetime. When he slows, stops and reverses time he's making the aether nonlinear and phase conjugates spacetime.

From our perspective time goes backwards and space turns inside out. We live in a naturally occurring hologram.

Michael Kosak said...

why is the CONTACT paqe broken at that website? Anyone have any other way to contact them?

Tim said...

David Anderson is a TOTAL AND COMPLETE FRAUD. I have known him since his undergrad days at UWV, where he studied Electrical Engineering. He has no PhD and is no physicist. Check his academic credentials outside UWV; they do not exist. If you really want to understand his hoax, you must first understand sociopaths. David is a card carrying sociopath. Do NOT give him money or your trust. If anyone doubts these assertions, call me 203.722.3863. My name is Tim Potts.

paul wandason said...

I've had a look through the website and thought it was really interesting. the contact pages were active though there are a few random broken links here and there. ..I dont know why, but the presence of Amazon affiliate links and a Zazzle affiliate store make me feel a little cautious. its ok on a personal blog or similar but given the credentials this seems a bit strange to me...

Anonymous said...

O, Tim... anyone who has actually attended West Virginia University (WVU) knows that the University of West Virginia (UWV) was a separate and now defunct institution.

Daniel Scott Matthews said...

How can you be sure if Anderson is a fake or not? Well actually it is very easy to demonstrate that he is indeed a fake because time does not exist. Time is nothing more than the manifestation of geometric changes in the three dimensional projection of a twelve dimensional field of energy patterns, which are sometimes called "strings". One cannot change or travel through something that does not exist. Time is an illusion and belief in time travel is an ignorant delusion.

Anonymous said...

Universal Pictures is re-releasing the "Back To The Future" trilogy in October celebrating thirty years since it's release in 1985. I can't wait! I just love time travel. Do you think Doc Brown and Dr. Anderson could be related?

David B said...

I found his website archived here:

Maybe he just discovered how to travel in time and disappeared into the future.

Anonymous said...

Easy Secured should know how to use Google a little better...

Rahul 'z Madhood said...

I'm in search of Dr. David Lewis Anderson in Mumbai.
He doesn't exist or I can't find him. It seems like a ghost story.

Steven Feil said...

Another slant to the David Lewis Anderson story of his remaining low key and under the radar is that once he submitted a patent request to the U.S. Government it would have fallen under the Patent Secrecy Act/Invention Secrecy Act for two reasons: It is a time control technology, and it is an efficient energy extraction device, both of which fall under this National Security clause. The patent application was submitted, but the patent itself will not see the light of day. David had enough foresight to put online the application, probably knowing it would be buried. Have you noticed the technical details of his research have been increasingly hard to find online? Under this National Security Ruling, once you submit for a patent, and it becomes classified, the inventor him, or herself cannot even talk about the invention, or face a prison term.

(From someone in the same line of research)

Anonymous said...

The accurate spelling of the location referred to as Dighi Hills is actually in Pune, Maharashtra, India. It can be found on a map. There is an unusual walled structure in that region at 18°37'02.2"N 73°52'58.9"E .. which makes me think "What the heck is that?"

Anonymous said...

Maybe Art Bell will do another episode on David Anderson, and discuss what this weird structure is.

Kurt Christenson said...

I grew up on Long Island, my Grandfather worked for Grumman as an electrical engineer, my Marine Corp Uncle & my mechanical savant father have had experiences at Camp Hero. Between the Montauk Project and Brookhaven National Lab's particle accelerator, not to mention Tesla's former Shoreham lab, mixed with my own love for the science of time & perception has brought me here to see if anyone knows of the location on Long Island where this Dr. Anderson's 1995 Time Travel Research Association was located?

I work on comic books and currently am researching a connection between the Black Cube sculptures of Tony Rosenthal in the tri-state area and the time experiments on Long Island. Thanks for all the great info!