Thursday, January 21, 2010

Paging Planet Nibiru, Where are you?

I've been waiting, as have a lot of people, for some kind of announcement about the sighting of Planet Nibiru. Earlier, in another post on this blog, I gathered as many facts as I could about this planet's impending flyby of Earth which is said will cause catastrophic events to occur due to its strong gravitational pull.

Is this a hoax? Or merely a Sumerian myth? By this time, one would think somebody could see it via Hubble or another telescope.

I've been scouting around to find some person with trustworthy credentials in the world of Astronomy to see if I could ask a few questions without them laughing in my face. There are many who are claiming that this is a hoax being perpetrated by conspiracy theorists.

It is time now for somebody to provide absolute proof that Planet Nibiru is coming our way.


Anonymous said...

Hi, ho no !, it's not a hoax, next year from mars on take look at the West after 22.30 heous there where the sun goes down n the horizon, it's slightly towards the South that you'll find him !.
I have saw him this summer while I was on holidays in Spain, it's big, what does also doing Jupiter in the East ?.
It's the end of this chapter, Nibiru returns every 3.657 years and he's here and very present !.
Between the 25th and the 30th of june, there was 30 earth quakes, the worse, it's still to come !.

System Shock said...

Anonymous saw it huh? Tell why it is that every professional and amateur astronomer around the world have not? Maybe its a government conspiracy to silence thousands of people at one time! Give me a break, anon... you didn't see nibiru.

Nibiru, from the views of astronomers worldwide does NOT exist. case closed