Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Planet Nibiru in a Nutshell

I decided to gather all the information I could find about the expected arrival of a mysterious planet called Nibiru which many believe will pass earth in the year 2012, causing global catastrophes of mega-proportions. Currently, NASA and other international governmental space agencies are not saying much about this, either because they don't agree that there is a planet out there headed this way or because they don't want to cause a global panic.

Please keep in mind that I am simply gathering information about this and listing it in an organized fashion. I have no idea if this information is accurate, nor does anyone else actually. Nothing may happen in 2012. Conversely, something might.

Names of the planet:
The Ancient Sumerians called this planet, Nibiru.
The Egyptians named it, "The Planet of a Million Years."
Ancient Babylon renamed it Marduk, the name of their god.
Planet #10 or the 12th celestial body in our solar system.
Planet X
The God's Planet,
Planet of the Empire
Planet of the Cross
The Red Planet

I'm unable to sort these out, but Nibiru is said to have several satellites or other celestial bodies in relation to it with names such as Dysnomia (Gabriel), Santa, 2005 Fy9, Sedna, Orcus, Quaoar, Ixioon, Varuna. Sumerian writings say that a satellite of Nibiru hit another planet called Tiamat creating the Asteroid Belt.

Orbit of Nibiru:
Believed to travel clockwise rather than counter-clockwise in an elliptical orbit around the sun.
Passes earth through the Asteroid Belt between Jupiter and Mars.
Passes earth every 3,600 years or as many as 10,500 years.
First observed and photographed on October 21, 2003, at Mt. Palomar Observatory and discovered by Michael E. Brown, Chad Trujillo, and David L. Rabinovitz on January 5, 2005, based upon those photos.

Slightly smaller than Jupiter.

Ancient beliefs about the planet:
A reptilian race (dragon/humans) inhabits Nibiru and came to earth from there. The Sumerians called this race, the Anunnaki.
They believed 12 gods came from Nibiru and those gods gave them advanced knowledge.

Timeline for the appearances of Nibiru:
2012 AD
1588 BC
5188 BC
8788 BC
12,388 BC

Possible effects upon the earth:
Climate change - melting of glaciers - ending of gulf-stream circulation
Severe phenomena such as volcanic activation, horrific hurricanes, massive tidal waves
Reversal of the earth's magnetic field
Stoppage of the earth's rotation
Life as we know it ends upon earth

Global warming and volcanic activation on other planets in our solar system may be caused by Nibiru's passing as well.

Bible - Revelation describes destruction from a celestial body.
Some interpret the coming of this planet as the New Jerusalem spoken of in the last chapter of Revelation.
Nostradamus predicts something like this as well in his writings.

Nibiru is a subject which warrants much scrutiny, not only as something that mysteriously happened in the distant past, but also for the possibility that it may occur in the future. Do your own research on this. I have also included a video below which gives an up-to-date report on the sighting of Nibiru. Something does appear to be out there.

Nostradamus, Asteroid Impact 2012 AD & The Comet Planet
Planet X, Nibiru, Marduk and 2012


ranjan said...

hi, u r really doing a great job out there gathering information about this whole scenario, i am an entusiast too about this mystreious planet if u could provide some information about the orign of this planet then it will b helpful for me

Sharon K. West said...

ranjan, I am becoming more sceptical all the time due to the fact that nobody is providing any proof that this planet exists. If you Google the name, you'll come up with lots of sites which talk about the origin. But it may end up that this is a myth. I hope so anyway!

Anonymous said...

Why dosnt anyone wake up and realize that all information is controlled by the great powers. This gose along with what is allowed to be on the internet and what is taken off. wake up people!!!

breanna walker said...

Idk why but I'm interested in things like this u did very good on ur research but I'm not fore shure if it's gonna be the end when nibiru arrives... If it does.. We don't have much time ppl need to know this